I was initially going to title this blog entry “f5 Networks – MVP Goodies”.  Then I thought “f5 Networks – MVP Spoils of War” would be a good title because the PS3 title “God Of War III” is coming out on the 16th  and I thought I would at least work in the word “War” somewhere.  Then I thought, how about f5 Networks – The Box of Awesomeness?  I know it sounds a little goofy, but IT DOES EXIST!!!  Who new naming a blog entry could be so difficult?!

Now that the naming of the entry has been completed, on to the main topic!  I received said box from FedEX this last Friday from f5 Networks and I felt compelled to write a blog post about it and include some pics for your viewing enjoyment.

I can’t tell you how much I have already enjoyed being a member of the f5 Networks MVP program.  It has been awesome from day one and I look forward to contributing more to the community now that f5 Networks has so graciously supplied all of us f5 MVP’s with the tools to do just that.  Thank you for the great gear and thank you for supporting the community like you do!

Here is a list of what was in “The Box of Awesomeness”:

A SanDisk 16 GB USB Flash Drive
A Logitech QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks for Business
A Logitech ClearChat Pro USB High Performance Audio Headset
A Blue Polo Shirt with f5 Networks logo on the chest
A flip MinoHD Camcorder with a custom f5 Networks MVP skin!


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