Round tableThis just in and hot off the press.  F5 Networks has created an MVP Program as a way to “to honor those who, without incentive, contribute to the greater good of our community.”  Check out the link for all the details or go over and listen to Podcast #117, which was dedicated to highlight the seven people who were chosen to be the first of F5 Networks MVP’s.

I am also very excited to say that I have been selected to be a F5 Networks MVP!

That’s right, TheF5Guy is now an F5 Networks MVP!  I consider it a great honor and am very excited to say the least!  I go by the alias “naladar” in the DevCentral Forums and you can check out my profile here:  You have to be a member of DevCentral in order to view the page, but it is free to join!

Now that the announcement has been made public I wanted to share a few things about the MVP program.  To start with, what’s all of this mean?  It means F5 Networks takes their user community seriously and they want to give back to that community.  This isn’t just an honorary title.  Far from it actually, as there are a number of perks to being an MVP member.

I can’t go into all of them in detail, but here are a few things that I can share since they are mentioned in the podcast.  We will be having regular meetings or round table discussions to go over a wide variety of things relating to the F5 Networks community.  We are being provided profile pages on the DevCentral site to help increase our visibility in the community.  MVP members will be receiving a MVP Kit that was put together with the goal in mind of providing us tools to help us deliver more content to the community.  We will also be having an MVP Summit sometime this year so that we can all meet face-to-face to kick around issues and provide input into the direction of the BIG-IP product line.  Sounds awesome doesn’t it!

This post would of course not be complete without a complete list of the MVP’s so here it is:


The best news is that they want to continue to grow the MVP program.  Do you want to be an F5 Networks MVP?   How do you get started?  Just join DevCentral and start contributing to the community.  They’re watching…..


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