I was going through the database of articles on AskF5 today and found an awesome feature that I wanted to highlight.  My interest was first sparked because of an article that Lori MacVittie about cookie encryption.  That article can be found here.

So that got me to thinking… how can someone do this in an iRule?  I have to admit I haven’t really looked into it that much previously because we utilize an ASM module running on a 4100 unit.  The 4100 can do a lot of different things regarding cookies such as checking if a cookie has been modified and if the cookie was obtained in a previous session.  I figured I would hit the AskF5 database to see what I could turn up and I uncovered this little gem:

when RULE_INIT {
set ::key [AES::key 128]
set decrypted [HTTP::cookie "MyCookie"]
HTTP::cookie remove "MyCookie"
set encrypted [b64encode [AES::encrypt $::key $decrypted]]
HTTP::cookie insert name "MyCookie" value $encrypted
set encrypted [HTTP::cookie "MyCookie"]
HTTP::cookie remove "MyCookie"
set decrypted [AES::decrypt $::key [b64decode $encrypted]]
HTTP::cookie insert name "MyCookie" value $decrypted

There is definitely more to this, so you may want to go check out the full solution article here:  SOL7784.  There is also an awesome 2009 iRule Contest entry that you should check out here. The iRule you will want to look at is the Cookie Tampering Prevention iRule written by Henrik Gyllkrans.


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