padlockfreeIt is amazing how many things in IT Industry can be summed up using classic movie quotes.  More often than not a one liner from “The Princess Bride” will suffice.  However after attending the SecureWorld Expo as a member of the press only one dialogue exchange was lodged in my brain.  It’s when Luke is on the planet Dagoba and he turns to Yoda and says “I won’t fail you.  I am not afraid.”  Yoda simply turns to him and says “You will be.  You will be.”

What a great way to segway into my first SecureWorld Expo blog entry!  Be afraid, be very afraid…  I am just kidding of course.  The Expo was excellent and I walked away from the event a wiser person.  It definitely helped me look at things differently and as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Fear always springs from ignorance.” 

Man, oh man.  I think I may have committed a blunder of cosmic proportions.  Are you allowed to quote Yoda and Emerson in the same blog post?  Yes? No?  Anway, moving on…

The Expo started off with an awesome keynote by a very nice man named Jeff Bardin.  His topic was “Extremist Online Social Networks – Jihadis” and I was enthralled the whole time.  The banners that he had up on his very first presentation slide are the same web site banners that I have helped keep off of our network up at work.  When I saw those banners, I knew that he was going to be talking about a topic that hit close to home.

After taking the stage Mr. Bardin began explaining how Jihadis use resources provided by many American companies against America.  He talked about the Madrid train bombings, how Jihadis are using software like vBulletin and hacked copies of various software suites to pull off all kinds of nefarious acts.  He also discussed with great clarity how Jihadis are continuing to demonstrate their technical prowess.

Now I will not provide any more information about his presentation other than that.  Not because I do not want others to have the information, but because I cannot do the subject justice.  Mr. Bardin is an expert in his field and has spent countless hours researching, compiling information and teaching others.  I do not wish to diminish his work in any form or fashion.  Check out that link that I provided and the one at the bottom of this post for more information.

I would advise anyone, if Mr. Bardin is speaking at an event within a 12 hour driving distance, make the drive.  It really was that good.

After his presentation he stayed for a while answering questions.  I waited in the background for a bit, allowing others to ask questions as I listened in an attempt to take in as much information as I could.  When I did finally open my mouth he kindly gave me a his business card and answered all of the questions I had.  Anybody that will go out of there way to answer questions and share knowledge like Mr. Bardin did is a good man in my book.

For those seeking more information about Jeff Bardin and Treadstone 71, here is a link to some great information that will save you a trip to Google:

So what is coming up next?  Well I can’t go to long without talking about the F5 BIG-IP product line!  I am The F5 Guy after all.  My next post will be about the Nexum LTM Workshop that was lead by Peter Maag.


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