secureworldWell, I am back from my vacation to Cozumel, Mexico.  A week full of sun, sand, scuba and margaritas.  Ahh…  The only downside was the 11 hour trip from Cozumel back to the DFW airport.  Which is usually only a two and a half hour trip…  (Insert derogatory remark about American Airlines and Cozumel airport maintenance workers)  Anyway, after a mad dash through the MIAMI airport, I checked my e-mail and I am glad to say it looks like I will be fortunate enough to attend the SecureWorld Expo Conference in Dallas this year!  The conference, taking place November 4 – 5, will be held in the Plano Convention Centre and seems to have a number of  excellent conference sessions to check out.

On top of my list though is a F5 BIG-IP LTM related event (of course!) being hosted by Nexum.  The “Nexum LTM Workshop”, which will be November 4 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM, is free for all who register for the SecureWorld Expo.  Registration for the Expo is also free, so go register before it fills up!  You certainly can’t beat the price!

The agenda for this particular event shows that they will first give an Intro and Overview of Nexum.  Then move on to Load Balancing, Monitors, Profiles (Persistence and SSL Termination), iRules, Maintaining and Mastering the BIG-IP, discuss version 10.x and then wrap it all up with a Q&A session.  I am really looking forward to meeting some local F5’ers and will of course be doing a write up on my blog about the event.  The “Maintaining and Mastering the BIG-IP” part certainly sounds interesting.

I will also be attending a number of the other events at SecureWorld and will be posting a few blog entries regarding those.  The main purpose is not really to provide ALL of the information gleaned from each event, but to give a few highlights from each and share my overall thoughts on the value of the SecureWorld Expo Conference as a whole.

Go here to check out the SecureWorld Expo Dallas Conference Agenda.


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