The great folks over at F5 Networks DevCentral have outdone themselves once again!  They have added a new section to their website called “Online Events” and rather than do injustice to the site with my own words, allow me to plagiarize their own description of the section:

“This section features periodic, live activities where you can see and interact with the DevCentral Team as well as others from the global DevCentral Community. For this section, please keep in mind that we will be continually pushing to realm of possibility with new technologies and products with the goal of creating a dyanamic and engaging atmosphere. We hope you enjoy your visit and engage in the events.”

Here of course is a direct link to the new content!

How awesome is that?  I have worked with a number of IT related companies over the years, but never have  I seen a technology based company so dedicated to their customers.  Post after post the experts driving the helm over at DevCentral continue to share and spread knowledge of all types.  They help people solve real world challenges and now they are doing it live!  Anyone can call or join them on chat during their weekly podcast and ask questions and seek their input about various things.  I have had to work with some companies in the past that… well, lets just say, you would consider yourself lucky if you got a call back from them within three days.  I must say it is a very refreshing approach and well done folks!

Also while you are there, go check out the latest DevCentral Weekly Roundup Podcast: Episode #104. They covered a variety of topics and I was fortunate enough that they discussed The F5 Guy website as well of a few of the posts that I have put up!  They discussed two posts in particular.  “Using not In An iRule” and “F5 Network Certification” which you can find below this post or just click on the links to follow of course.  Rather than rehashing what was said, read the two posts, leave some comments if you like and head on over to DevCentral to hear what they have to say.


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  1. Hey F5 Guy-

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a pleasure doing what we do – we all sincerely enjoy it.

    So – here’s an idea – how would you like to join us today for our podcast as a LIVE guest? Drop me an email and let me know if you’re available and can do it.

    – Jeff