I was in the iTunes App Store the other day purchasing a copy of “Wolfenstein 3-D” and I stumbled upon the WordPress for iPhone application. Now that I have had time to play through a few of the levels offered up by Wolfenstein, I decided to finally take a look at the WordPress application. So far, I like what I have found.

The interface is very simple and straight forward. Once you have linked it to your blog or blogs it is easy to start posting content. Not only can you create new posts and type them out on the phone but the application offers a ton of options to you while creating that post. You can give your post a title, assign tags and categories and various stages such as local draft, draft, private, published and even pending review. My favorite feature though has to be the ability to upload photos from your iPhone to your WordPress blog! How neat is that!?! I have included a few shots below that I took from my iPhone and uploaded via the WordPress application.


The F5 Guy’s desk that contains the bare essentials: Coffee, a PSP for mindless gaming and a good mouse/keyboard combo.

Lacy 061

This is the hungriest and sleepiest dog I have ever seen.


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