I received a phone call from a friend last weekend because his computer was bitten by the “Vundo” trojan.  I have ran into this trojan before, thanks to a warehouse employee at my previous employer.  The employee thought it would be fun to check his personal e-mail via a warehouse pc that was running a production database.  Needless to say, somebody sent him a link to a site that he felt compelled to click on and he infected the PC.  At that time the trojan was new and it thwarted all of my attempts to remove it.  It was a classic case of restore from the backup image…

With that incident firmly in mind I set out to “Debug” my friends PC.  I tried the normal anti-malware tools that I have in my digital toolbox, but not a single one of them could remove the infection.  I will not name the names of the ones that failed because they have worked wonderfully on other pieces of malware in the past.  So I had to hit the web in search of a solution and luckily enough I stumbled upon an excellent utility called Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.  I am always skeptical of new tools that I find via the web these days, but this is an excellent utility, it’s free and it removed all traces of the vundo trojan on its first pass!vundovirus

Here is a link to their website:


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