Hello all and welcome to my website!  I decided that I would put together a site where I could post information regarding the F5 Networks® BIG-IP®, iRules, removing malware and a variety of other technology related topics.  I might even throw in some things about MOSS 2007.

I will go on the record and say that I am a huge fan of F5 Networks® BIG-IP®.  I think it is an amazing product line and it is in a unique position in the market… it simply cannot be beaten in the data center.  That being said, I am also considered the go-to guy for a few folks when they are in need of having their PC’s cleaned up from the latest malware and virus infections.  When I discover quick ways of removing them I will post that information for others.

Thankfully I have a full time job and I am also a part time student, so content updates will be done sporadically on nights and weekends.

With all of that having been said, please feel free to register and let me know if you found any of the content helpful… or if you have found a better way to do something!



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