icecarDisaster recovery.  Two words that can make even the most experienced of us cringe.  It’s DR, it’s a backup site, it’s a quasi-failover-but-not-quite-a-disaster-site… I don’t always drink DR, but when I do I prefer f5 GTM.


Hello all!  I hope that you are all out there having fun tweaking ASM Security policies, revamping your Web Acceleration profiles and having fun with the latest version of TMOS!  I myself am looking forward to kicking the tires on TMOS version 11.3 very soon…

I have a new item to present to you today, though it isn’t BIG-IP related sadly enough.  At least it IS a network tweak!  To be more precise, it’s a networking related performance tweak for Microsoft’s DirectAccess 2010 that once implemented could help you increase your servers performance by up to 25%!

Did I mention that it is also fast and relatively painless to pull off?



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Wow.. never in a million years would I have thought that so many different people would visit my humble little site.  I want to thank all of you for your feedback and for all the great questions you have sent in or posted.

Keep them coming!

Here is a cool little Cluster Map of traffic:

Hello all!  Well, I am back from vacationing from Cozumel…  I am glad to be back in the US (and to have Internet access) and it just so happens that I ran across something fun that I wanted to share.

Often overlooked by those seeking BIG-IP answers to web related problems is a very powerful feature called “Stream Profiles”.  So what exactly is a stream profile?  Well I am glad you asked!


I have returned from the F5 Networks 2011 MVP Summit and my brain is full of ideas from talking with F5 folks and fellow MVP’s.

Let me first start off with saying how much fun I had.  Getting to attend an event that is hosted like this is more fun than going to Six Flags for me!  Anyway, as I was saying…